How can I increase my chances of getting a booking quickly?

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By following these steps, you will increase your chances of finding a mechanic available.

1- Unless it is an emergency repair, try to anticipate your request

Every day, the schedule of mechanics fills up very quickly. It is sometimes difficult to accept requests for the same day.

In addition, mechanics often plan their equipment according to their service for the day. In the case of a request requiring specific equipment, the mechanic could decline your request because he doesn't have the right spare part available with him.

However, we know that some repairs such as a puncture cannot be planned in advance.

Of course, you can select a slot for the same day, a mechanic might be available, however, try to select as many slots as possible.

2- Try to select as many slots as possible

The more slots you select, the more chance you have that your request will perfectly fit in mechanics' schedule.

Sometimes, a mechanic can "theoretically" be available but won't be able to come for a specific slot as he won't be able to travel across the city from his previous call-out.

When selecting a time slot, please consider an average of 30 to 45min for the service

3- Be as specific as possible on the repair

The more precise your repair request, the more chance you have to see it quickly accepted. Our mechanics like having as many information as possible in order to anticipate the time and spare parts they will need

You can also add pictures in your request or indicate the make & model of your bike.

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