There is an issue after the repair. What can I do?

Updated 4 months ago by Hélène

Are you experiencing another issue after your bicycle was serviced? Go to your customer account within 14 days to report it to us. We will book another call-out with a mechanic from our network to assess whether your problem falls under the scope of the after-sales service and rectify it.

  • You will not be charged for travel costs.
  • You will not be charge for the service if falls under the scope of the after-sales service

Select the intervention you wish to report and then click on "report a problem".

Only a mechanic in our network can initiate an after-sales service.
Mechanics are keen to help you, but are not responsible for the quality of the roads! It is possible that another puncture occurs shortly after your first repair. In this case, the mechanic will only be able to judge whether the new puncture is due to the previous service once he is there.

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