Why was my repair request not accepted?

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The mechanics of Cyclofix network work hard to ensure that all requests are met as quickly as possible! However, despite our efforts, you may have to wait a while to get your bike repaired

How does the Cyclofix booking system work?

When you make a request for a Cyclofix call-out, it is offered to all available bike mechanics in our network. We will explain this in detail below.

Getting your request accepted depends on several things:

  1. The mechanics availability on the slots you filled in
  2. The address of the call-out
  3. The complexity of the repair to be carried: some services require more time than others. If the duration of the repair exceeds the time available in the mechanic's schedule, he or she will not be able to accept it.
  4. The mechanic skills: some repairs require specific skills, particularly on electrical equipment or certain brake and transmission systems. The mechanic who accepts your request must therefore be qualified to carry out the work in the correct manner.
  5. Availability of spare parts: Cyclofix network mechanics are regularly supplied according to the requests they receive. If the repair of your bike requires a rarely used part that is not in stock, the mechanics may decline the request for service. In this case, our customer support will contact you directly to offer to order the part, if possible.

In a nutshell

When you make a Cyclofix service request, it is offered to all mechanics who meet the criteria described above.

As the mechanics accept the requests, their availability is automatically updated and the booking slots available on our website are modified accordingly.

  1. Your request is pending

If your request is pending, it means that a mechanic may still accept it, even at the last minute.

As long as your request is pending, please wait until it is accepted or cancelled before making a new request. If necessary, you can modify it from your personal space.
Normally, the majority of requests received are accepted at the first attempt. However, the mechanics in our network are free to accept or decline the interventions proposed to them.

Finally, it is possible that several users have requested the same time slot before the availability of the mechanics has been updated (particularly during busy periods). In this case, you will be asked to select a new slot.

In any case, your request will be treated with attention :)

  1. Your request is cancelled

All the slots you selected are finally occupied, or all the mechanics decline your repair request for one of the reasons mentioned above. Your request is then cancelled.

👉 We invite you to take note of the reasons for the cancellation and to renew your request, taking into account the information that will have been sent to you by our customer support, if necessary.

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