Will I pay call-out fees for my repair?

Updated 2 years ago by Constance Toulemonde

Yes, we charge a £4 call-out fee

This is charged as soon as the mechanic travels, with a few exceptions: 

  • The mechanic needs to reschedule an appointment with you in order to complete the work. You will only pay the travel costs for the first visit.
  • You have a problem following an intervention and ask us to act as after-sales service. You will of course not be charged for the travel costs. 

It may happen that the mechanic comes to you but no repairs are carried out (customer unavailable or unreachable, bike too damaged to be repaired, etc.). The call-out fee will be charged.  

The mechanic always receives £4 per trip. If they are not billed to the client, they are paid for by Cyclofix. They allow the mechanics to make use of the kilometres they cover and help to cover the costs of maintaining their bikes.

Cyclofix does not receive any commission on these travel expenses: they are paid back 100% to the mechanics because they are the ones who cycle to you!

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